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visual identity

Visual identity for elegant skincare brand Navero



Navero is as a skincare brand that offers skin, hair and body care products which is created with cautious attention to details. All with the sensory pleasure in mind. Every ingredient is vegan-friendly and carefully selected.






Logotype design

Brand design

Packaging design

Art direction


Ella Pellegrini

Visual identity

At the heartbeat of Navero's essence lies its refined word mark, a testament to modernity through meticulously crafted typography.

Woven seamlessly into the visual identity is an colorful gradient palette where the gradients becomes a narrative for the brand. Together with the earthy richness of their red main brand color, they create a signature stroke that resonates with the Navero's values. The full brand design paints a portrait of sophistication, warmth and rejuvenation.

Every curve, gradient, and hue within Navero's palette composes a visual symphony, embodying not just luxury but the very essence of future skincare.

Brochure design
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